Why We Leave Behind Mr. Right and Chase After Mr. Wrong

We’ve all done it. We sit down with our friends and a box of wine and discuss our ideal man. From his looks to his personality, all the way down to his own mother, we have an idea of what we’re looking for in that special someone. We call him Mr. Right.

He’s the man we want our children to call Dad and the guy we want to crawl in bed with after a long day to make us feel okay about our lives. We want him to care for us and love us unconditionally. He’s everything we’ve always been looking for. So why do we run?

I have been given various opportunities to be with some of my own Mr. Rights. These men were incredibly nice, down to earth, funny and easy-going. These were overall good men. So why didn’t I choose them? Why am I single when they’ve literally sat in the palm of my hand?

I chose the assholes instead. I chose the chase. The guy that knew how to charm a girl with his wit and good looks. The guy who could be seeing multiple girls at one time and not feel any kind of remorse whatsoever. Those were the kind of guys I was drawn to. I literally put my hand up to the Mr. Rights of the world, only to chase men who had no interest in me or my feelings.

They’re exciting. They’re mysterious because they aren’t like us. We want to know more and we’re drawn to the charm they use on all women. We want to feel young and reckless and ruthless, and Mr. Right isn’t going to make us feel that way.

We think, “Oh I have my whole life to settle down with someone who understands me and knows my feelings.” The man I will settle down and grow old with cannot possibly be found at this place at this point in my life. But what happens when we turn around and we’re halfway through life and we missed our shot, our one true chance at love? What if we wasted it on wasted nights that turned into regretful mornings with men who can’t even pronounce our first name? When we’ve taken too long in our chase for the Mr. Excitings of the world, that we’re too late?

We are just. too. late.

So, it’s time to start reevaluating that list of who we desire. It’s time to start rethinking who we chase. It’s time to stop letting the ladies man win. We must start giving the Mr. Rights a chance in this world, not only for them but for ourselves as well. Give Mr. Right a chance and you may find yourself feeling much better about your life and yourself.