The Stupid White Cars of Your Life


For an entire semester, I would drive by this house with a clean white car in the drive. Every day, I focused on this car. Not because it was new. Not because it was always peculiarly clean. Not for any particular reason.

This car caught my attention because it was more than a car. It was the exact same vehicle my ex boyfriend drove. Though I knew it wasn’t him, this car continually caught my eye, bringing my mind back to him. This car owned my thoughts as I drove through this small, forgettable town day in and day out.

On my last drive home from class, the car was yet again parked in the drive. As I routinely turned my attention to this place, I took my eyes off the memory trigger and to the home beside it. For a moment, I was lost in my own mind. This home was beautiful. This home was a two story brick mansion with quiet ivy crawling it’s way to the sky. It was calming and something about it felt good with my soul.

And then I got angry.

I was angry for letting this stupid car keep me from enjoying such a peaceful place. For so long, I failed to enjoy this beautiful home and concentrated all my negative energy on my stupid ex boyfriend and his stupid clean, white car.

So often, we see good and bad juxtaposed in life. We see starving children on the hillside of a beautiful, majestic mountain. We see a college diploma sitting next to the unemployment check on the kitchen table. We see our stupid ex boyfriend’s car sitting in the drive of a beautiful, old home.

So let’s stop focusing on the negative and all the ways that life can go wrong. Let’s cheer each other on, and smile at strangers, and go to bed with smiles instead of slow streaming tears. Let’s choose to focus on the good things in life that we often take for granted. Let’s understand that permanence in life is imaginary and change is inevitable.

Let’s focus on all the things we want to do in life and do them. Let’s do all the things and live a really, really full life.

I challenge you to stop looking at the metaphorical clean, white, distracting cars in your life and dedicate your time and energy to those beautiful places where your soul can rest. Let’s go out and search for these resting places of our souls. And when we find them, let’s pick back up, kiss them goodbye, and find the next one.

Let’s continue to move and grow and learn new things.

For the sake of all things good, keep learning new things.

xox | crh



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