Into the Unknown

All of my life, I’ve lived in the known. My physical surroundings, my people, my future: they’ve all been very clear cut and comfortable. And it is only now that I am finding my life in the uncomfortable.

For years, I lost my life. Sucks, right? Sure. But it’s presenting the opportunity to find myself again in any way, shape, or form I desired. This wasn’t a predisposed identity everyone thought they knew to be truth, but one I carefully selected for myself. One that throws me into the vast sea of uncomfortability, only to define whether this identity is truly one I will fight for.

What is it that makes you uncomfortable with life? What is it that makes you question if you are making the right decision? Are there pieces of who you are that you hide out of comfortability with the current image you portray? This is your sign to become all the pieces of yourself you want to be. To embrace the questionable, uncertain, qualities and characteristics that you only keep on the inside.

So it’s time to redefine, reestablish, and reunite our former, present, and future selves. I challenge you to do the same. What is it that you loved about yourself 5, 10, 15 years ago? What is it that you love about yourself in this very present moment? What is it that you imagine for a better, fuller future self? Take all of these things, put them together, and be that. Be that version of you. Do what it takes to become all the best pieces of yourself that you can be.

I am sure you will come to the end of your life and regret this moment if you do not take my advice. Be you. Be who you were. Be who you are. Be who you want to be. Be all the things that make you feel alive. Be all the things that give you purpose. Be all the things that make you feel like you. 

Stop worrying about the image others have of you in their minds, and become the ideal image you have manifested for the best version of yourself. I believe in you.