First, Last, & Everywhere in Between

We’ve all heard them say it.

You’ve gotta love yourself first before you can love anyone else, Chels…”

How do you expect others to love you when you don’t even love yourself?”

“Just keep working on you and love will come when you stop looking for it.”


I am constantly asked if I am dating, and when I politely shake my head, everyone feels the need to console me and tell me I’m better off.

So why did you ask in the first place?

Society tells us that after graduating college (because that’s expected, too), you get a job, find a spouse, have children, and live life like everyone else. These are the checkpoint of success on the road of a normal “healthy” life.

Okay, no thanks though.

Because what if I don’t graduate on time and decide to travel and job hop until I find something cool and maybe decide not to get married? Or do? And both of those options be equally okay?

And then what if I decide not to have kids until I’m 32 and then have 7 in a row with 4 dogs and 1 on the way? Because I’m sure people would find things to criticize about that too.

The point, whether we do this or not, is to love. Choose love first, choose it last, & choose it at every point in between.

Whether love first comes in the form of a significant other, a pet, or yourself, just choose to simply love.

It doesn’t matter what. It doesn’t matter who.

Love has already been chosen. It was chosen for us long before our existence & it will continue long after we are gone.


First, last, & and everywhere in between.



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