We’re Happy, Free, Confused, & Lonely in the Best Way.

It’s miserable & and magical. Oh yeahhhhhh…

Okay, I’ll cut the T-Swift (for now).

But she does have a valid point. Early adulthood is every single emotion and none of them all at the same time.

I never feel a significant difference when my birthday comes around and I am technically “older” than I was the day before. But I felt it this time. There’s a significant difference between proclaiming you are a free, independent, “I can buy liquor and gamble if I want to” individual and a young women in her early 20s.

& that’s the difference. And yes, I felt it.

I am now a young adult who does adult things and uses the verb “adulting” to describe how she now lives her new redefined life.

On my 22nd birthday, I spent some time in solitude to check in with myself and how I was feeling. That was my very first sign…

I was tuned into myself. The self-awareness was there. The little things I never thought to do before have now become things I crave and yearn to do in order to keep balance and find peace within myself.

And that’s just it. There is peace. I have (some kind of) balance. And that is making all the difference.

Before the big day, I was reading articles from young 20-somethings about the things you’re supposed to know or feel upon turning 22. I was doing my homework on where I should be on this adult continuum. Turns out, these articles don’t mean shit.

My experiences differ from every single person reading this article. The events leading up to my life as a young 20-something are completely different from the woman writing that article and the person reading these words right at this moment.

So when you know something that’s “common knowledge” to you, remember your path. Be conscious of theirs. We aren’t against each other (yet). We’re all in this together. I am lost and you are lost and the person sitting next to you is probably lost as well. So as we journey together, remember each one of us is carrying a cross.

Some look tattered. Some look as though it will fall apart at any moment. Others may have a cross of gold or silver or diamonds. Pay no mind. We are all walking together. This time will either make you or break you. Let us leave no one behind.

Where will you be 6 months from now? 1 year? 3 years?

Exactly. I’m scared and I’m lost and there are more uncertainties in my life than mismatched socks in my drawer (and that’s a lot people). But it’s save to assume that you do, too. That you are feeling these exact emotions.

So let’s do this. Let’s be happy and free and confused and lonely all at the same damn time. And let’s feel 22. Let’s embrace it and love it and squeeze every last moment out of this year of life. I want to live my 22. I hope you will, too.