Worth It.

There’s nothing better than a fresh start. A new beginning into something wonderful. We’re all worthy of that, right? Of waking up and deciding that today is a new day, and we will make a change once and for all? So why do we almost always fail ourselves? Why do we set ourselves up for this incredible chance to make ourselves better only to fail shortly after?

I think we’re afraid of change. We’re afraid of literally turning our lives around. We are so comfortable with our average jobs and our average belongings and our average, boring lives. We’re afraid to take that leap, to make that jump into the unknown.

Because we might drown. We might walk out of the storm of change with less than we had before. Or maybe, we’ll walk out of that storm a completely changed individual. We will forget who we used to be and have to start all over. For most of us, it sounds like more trouble than it’s worth…

But what if it’s not? What if that is EXACTLY what we all need? What if one huge storm that turns our lives around and makes us take a step back is what will give us courage to live the lives we desire?

Life is so precious and sacred and short and it hurts me to see people of this world wasting it on things not meant for them. I’ve felt it, my friends. I have felt that “oh shit” moment when you realize this isn’t the life you want. The life you have built for yourself is not your own and you desperately want out. I know what road you’re walking down, so I can attest to the fact that it isn’t easy, this whole change thing.

I’ve changed my college major four times, dropped out of school once, left a happy(ish) relationship, moved home, moved out, and created for myself a whirlwind of frightening change that I wasn’t sure I wanted. But I knew the alternative was not for me. At least not at the time.

Change is good. It’s necessary. And it’s going to make you a better person once you decide to build up the courage to live the life only you can imagine for yourself. I am almost certain that whoever is reading this isn’t 100% happy with every aspect of life. So this is your sign. This is your omen to change.

No, it’s not going to come easy, and yes, you’re going to have to work at it each day, but I know you can pull through. If I can, you surely have the ability to do so also. I can atest to the brightness that lies ahead for you. It is relieving. It is wonderful. It is worth it.


10 Reasons Hopeless Romantics Aren’t Hopeless After All

Single Strides

I’ve always been known for being emotional. I’ve been told I overthink things, that I overreact to situations, and that I feel too much. I’ve been made to feel as if this full heart of mine was a weakness. I’ve been made to feel as though emotions are my downfall. I’ve been made to feel like I should hide the heart gripping my sleeve.

Well, I hope I speak for all the hopeless romantics out there when I say – they were wrong.

The naysayers with flames instead of fires in their hearts, the pessimists who see reality instead of dreams, the cynics that scowl at hope for the sake of logic… They’re all wrong about us. Because these full, full hearts are just as much a blessing as they are a curse. These full, full hearts that beat with passion are a perfect juxtaposition… and they’re the best things…

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