Deal With the Rain

I’m learning so much about myself in this life,

through all of the good but most importantly through strife.

And there are times when the burdens outweigh the laughs,

and you feel like you’re not a whole person, but half.

Something will spark and you fall to your knees.

Hoping and praying and begging God, “Please.”

And the days they are long and the nights drag by,

you’ll find you don’t laugh near as much as you cry.

But there is this moment that’ll change you, you see.

You’ll begin to find happiness and start to believe.

That life has it’s twists and it’s turns and you’ll hurt.

But girl, trust me when I say that there is some worth.

There’s worth to the joy and the happy times now,

you appreciate them most after feeling so down.

So there’s truth to these words I’ve heard once before,

and I hope and I pray that you read into this more.

Here is my wisdom after feeling much pain,

“If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.”


21 Things I’ve Learned By My 21st Birthday

1. No, you won’t know it then, but heartbreak can be a good thing.

2. Sometimes, you have to forget first impressions and give people a second chance.

3. Success is important BUT it’s not everything.

4. Say yes to life. Say yes to being young and make bad decisions. Say yes to lunch with your mom and shot with your best friend. Start saying YES.

5. As cliche as this is, literally enjoy each and every moment.

6. Take care of the body you were given. Being healthy and fit may just save your life someday.

7. Give God a fighting chance.

8. Wherever you are, be all there. Don’t be on your phone or planning the next day. Be in the moment.

9. Go on dates. Kiss lots of boys. And don’t regret either when they don’t work out.

10. HAVE. FUN.

11. Always strive to be a good person, no matter the situation.

12. Enjoy your own company. Be best friends with yourself.

13. Give your life a meaning. Each and everyday.

14. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

15. Find out who your friends are.

16. Be a true best friend. Keep your friends secrets and confide in them to do the same.

17. Have best friend moments with your parents.

18. Dream. Have a bucket list. Always look forward to something.

19. Try something new, good or bad, and learn from it.

20. Positivity is key. ALWAYS look for the positive in every situation and person you encounter.

21. Simply, be you. Be who you want to be. If those two people aren’t the same, make a change. Change is good and it’s healthy and, often times, exhilarating. Fall in love and fall out of love and be okay with that concept. Continue to grow and develop and learn new things. Keep an open mind and accept that we’re all different and that’s what keeps life interesting. Make lists but don’t always follow them. Be spontaneous and just simply say yes. Say yes to life. To everything you can experience in this life, SAY YES.

Always. Just. Believe.

You have to believe. And you have to hope. You most certainly have to hope.

And you have to believe and hope and trust the universe. The universe that consumes you and makes you who you are and allows for humankind. You have to believe.

There’s a rhyme and reason and I’m not sure what that means but I think I believe it. There’s a reason for you and for me and for our situations and our lives and just living. There’s always a reason. And sometimes that reason hits you like a brick wall. Sometimes that reason screams out at you louder than any voice ever could. But sometimes, just sometimes, you get nothing. You’re never given an explanation and it’s kind of like you’re left in the rain, lying on the pavement, wondering who you are and what’s going on, and you cry. You cry because the tears and the raindrops collide and it’s messy and it’s cold but it’s beautiful.

It’s real. In that moment, when you have no reason, when things aren’t going your way, you begin to get real with yourself. You begin to rely on yourself and love yourself and become yourself. This is your life and these are your choices and your mistakes and your reasons and no one else is to be held accountable for that but you.

And that’s scary. It’s so scary but it’s wonderful.

So I hope you take the chance to lay outside in the rain. Literally just lay there. Take a moment and think about life and cry for a minute. Cry for 10 minutes. Or an hour. Just sit there and let it all out. But once you get up, once the rain is gone and the tears stop falling and you get up, you must move on. You must become strong for yourself. Do things for you. 

So believe in the universe and your roommate and yourself. Believe there is hope in this world and that you have trust and if you don’t, hope to find it. Always believe you will find love one more time and that happiness is within you and that there is good. Believe.

Always. Just. Believe.